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Le caveau passe en heure d'été :
de 9h00 à 12h30

de 13h30 à 18h00 

du lundi au samedi

de 10h00 à 12h30

de 14h30 à 18h00

Dimanche et jours feriés


Pour venir chez nous
le plan
coordonnées GPS

43° 4' 041" N
05° 11' 814" E

Pour venir chez nous
(google map)
plan de Vernègues
Nos coordonnées VERITAS
 the organic agriculture certificate in english

 les conditions d'accès aux massifs forestiers


Hotels near Vernegues Roman Temple:


28 février 2007 3 28 /02 /février /2007 23:41
Rosé is a wine tinted in any shade of pink, from the palest pink to a deep, see-through, cranberry red. Most common are French Rosé, Spanish Rosado, and our favorite, Italian Rosato. These pink-hued wines have their burden to bear with an unbefitting reputation of being overly sweet, and mass-produced. They were popularized under the name white zinfandel in the late 80's, which was both ingenious (in a corporate kind of way), and debilitating to the world-class, elegant Rosé wines we speak of today.
la suite ( http://www.weaverstreetmarket.coop )

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