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1 février 2008 5 01 /02 /février /2008 22:30
 The trade body for France's Provence wine region has identified 
what it claims is a gap in the UK rosé market.
The CIVP said yesterday (8 August) that it has prepared a five-year strategy
to market its rosé wines in the country, having concluded that
the sweetness of rosés is more due to supply than demand.
"We have identified a distinct category of rosé drinker absolutely ripe for growth,"
said CIVP international marketing director Nathalie Chassard.
"This consumer is willing to pay more, and is also
looking for a varied rosé experience.
As only 8% of this category is currently aware of Provence rosé,
it means there is potential for fantastic growth for us here.
We know who these people are, we know where they purchase their wines,
we know what they want and we can provide it."
The body is targeting a doubling of sales for Provence's rosé wines in the country
within three to four years.
"Provence is the source of great rosés,
and the only region in the world to specialise in this style of wine," Chassard continued. "
We are therefore looking to occupy the position of premium rosé of choice in the UK.
" Plans include retailer support activity and the creation of a portfolio
of products specifically for the UK market, specifically estate bottled wines
at GBP5 (US$10.14) and over.
The trade body will also look to 'deseasonalise' consumption of rosé
away from the summer months

(source : http://www.winechina.com/EN/news/readNews.asp?NewsID=394 )

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